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Brown Houndstooth Collar New
Model: BRWNHOUNDSTTH | Available in 3 sizes.
Camouflage Collar
Model: CAMO | Available in 5 sizes.
Classic Plaid Collar New
Model: CLASSICPLAID | Available in 4 sizes.
Confetti Collar
Model: CONFETTI | Available in 4 sizes.
Coral and Gold Geometric Collar New
Model: CORALGOLDGEO | Available in 4 sizes.
Coral Damask Collar
Model: CORDMSK | Available in 4 sizes.
Dark Purple Gingham Collar New
Model: DARKPURPLEGING | Available in 4 sizes.
Denim Collar
Model: DENIM | Available in 4 sizes.
Ghosts Collar New
Model: GHOSTS | Available in 4 sizes.
Green Aztec Collar New
Model: GREENAZTEC | Available in 4 sizes.
Green and Coral Floral Collar New
Model: GREENCORALFLOR | Available in 4 sizes.
Green Buffalo Collar New
Model: GRNBUFF | Available in 4 sizes.
Green Daisy Collar
Model: GRNDAISY | Available in 4 sizes.
Green Plaid Collar New
Model: GRNPLAID | Available in 4 sizes.
Gray and Black Skull Collar New
Model: GRYBLKSKULL | Available in 4 sizes.